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Welcome to Shineout Graphics. Our free desktop backgrounds / wallpaper are computer generated. The are mainly fractal images. More desktop backgrounds / wallpapers will be added to this site all the time.
Try our new selection of
animated backgrounds/wallpapers. You need
DeskScapes 3 to run the animated backgrounds on your desktop( for Windows XP, Vista and 7) a free trial can be downloaded from DeskScapes 3. Our animated desktop backgrounds or in the form of dreamscense which. The quality of the dreamscene wallpapers is far superior to those of the animated gif wallpapers. Blufftitler was used to produce the video for the animated backgrounds. It is far more than video titling software. Do not take our work for it down load Blufftitler and judge for yourself.
The growing section of free desktop wallpaper offers amazing computer generated graphics including fractal images.
Shineout is one of few sites that offer animated textures. They make amazing animated gif wallpapers and backgrounds. The animated textures are in animated GIF format so they can be used as animated backgrounds for windows active desktop under windows XP. More mobile phones support tiled back grounds so you can use the animated textures to create animated gif wallpapers for mobile phones. I have chosen animated GIF format because it is small in size and easy to manipulate.

Our free seamless textures make great still backgrounds. All the seamless textures are in JPG format. They can also be used as fills for text or any 2D or 3D graphics.



free desktop wallpapers
Free computer generated desktop backgrounds.
Each image comes in 2 resolutions 1024x768 and 1920x1080.
48 Images
free animated textures
Animated seamless textures. Rendered in gif format. They make amazing animated backgrounds.
50 Images
seamless textures
Seamless textures (200x200).
144 Images.
Animated desktop backgrouns/wallpapers. They come in 2 resolutions 1024x768 and 1920x1080. You need DeskScapes 3 to run them. You can download a free trial version from the link above. The graphics for the animated backgrounds was produced using Blufftitler.

All work was done by Yousef Rifai
© Yousef Rifai

Last updated 01-June-2010

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